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About the ECS Premium Service

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We operate a premium service, to allow ECS card applicants to attend the ECS Card Amdinistration office in Swanley (Kent) in order to obtain a card on the same day. All candidates are pre-booked on this service and it is necessary to phone in advance to make an appointment.

Applicants who would like to avail of this service but who do not hold an approved Health and Safety Certificate will be required to sit (and pass) the ECS Health & Safety assessment on the same day.

All fast-track cards will be ready between 3.00 & 4.00 pm on the appointment day or we can arrange to have them sent to your home address via Special Delivery (at no extra cost).

What is involved?

In order for us to award an ECS card via the premium service, the following must take place:

  1. Applicants are required to sit and pass the ECS Health & Safety test on the day of the appointment, unless they should already hold an up-to-date approved Health & Safety qualification.
  2. Applicants must bring to their appointment all the necessary completed paperwork and evidence documents as outlined below under Paperwork and Evidence
  3. Applicants will be required to pay the card and service fees in advance when making a booking. See below for Fees and payment information.

Paperwork and evidence: the applicant’s responsibility

Applicants are required to bring their documentation with them for the ECS card team on the day of the appointment (consists of the ECS Health & Safety assessment if required and premium card issue on successful completion).

It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct documentation on the day, as the ECS team will only issue an ECS Card with the appropriate paperwork.

Please ensure that you have the following documentation to present to the ECS team:

  • ECS Card Application form, with all sections completed – You can download this from the Apply area of the website
  • Copies of all qualification certificates, including apprenticeship papers and 17th edition, if held. Also any references on company headed paper, confirming job title, experience and responsibilities. JIB apprentices will also need to have completed form:

     >> JIB409 – Certification of Completion of Apprenticeship

  • Copy of the applicant’s current health & safety qualification certificate, if an appropriate ECS exemption is held (Otherwise the candidate will need to sit the ECS Health & Safety assessment on the day)
  • Verified passport photograph (see ECS card application form, section 3)
  • Photographic ID, i.e. passport or driving licence.

The level of ECS Card that is awarded will depend on the qualifications and evidence that has been supplied as set out in our Grading Definitions document which can be downloaded from the publications section of the JIB website

The ECS team will not accept responsibility in cases where applicants do not bring the correct documentation to allow them to receive their ECS Card & Health and Safety Certificate on the day.

Document checklist

  • Copy of Apprenticeship papers
  • Copies of all qualifications, certificates
  • References on Company headed paper confirming experience
  • 17th edition qualification, if held
  • Passport Photograph
  • Fully Completed Application Form
  • Fully completed ECS H&S Test Application Form - or -
    Copy of current health and safety qualification certificate.


Service Non-JIB member company/employee JIB member company/employee
Initial ECS card & H&S assessment £246 £180
Initial ECS card (no H&S assessment) £204 £144
Renewal ECS card and H&S assessment £168 £138
Renewal ECS card (no H&S assessment) £126 £102

To book

Bookings for the Premium service must be made by telephone. Call our central booking office on: 0845 313 1532.

Appointments (and ECS assessment bookings where applicable) will be accepted and confirmed in writing.