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How long is a card valid for?

An ECS craft card is valid for 3 years. ECS Trainee, Conditional and Provisional cards are valid for 18 months. At this point it must be renewed, and the holder will need to sit a Health & Safety assessment in order to obtain a new card unless they have a valid exemption.

What if I lose or damage my card?

If an ECS card is lost or damaged it can be reissued using our replacement service. A copy of the last card issued will be provided on application and payment of the replacement card fee. The application for a replacement card is available up to three months before the original ECS card is due to expire. If there is less than three months left on the card an application to renew the ECS card will need to be made in the normal way.

The easiest way to get a replacement card is to use the online renewal service. Alternatively, the Replacement Card Application form can be downloaded here.