Why get an ECS card?

Get ahead with an ECS card

ECS Card

Recognition for all electrical disciplines and levels

To be recognised as a qualified installation or maintenance electrician in the UK, you have to have achieved an electrotechnical NVQ Level 3 (or its equivalent), which entitles you to apply to hold an ECS gold card.

As well as the ECS installation and maintenance electrician cards, a full range of gold and platinum cards are available to reflect various specialisms across the different skilled sectors of the electrical installation industry: from fire and security, datacommunications and streetlighting, to automobile and marine electrical work, to installing building controls and white goods in properties, including cards for technicians and managers.

For those who are not qualified to NVQ Level 3 or above or who are still in training, there are cards available at lower levels which will permit you access to site to carry out work in the capacity to which you are currently competent and which can be upgraded to a gold card when you qualify to the industry standard.

The benefits

An ECS card is instantly recognisable within the electrotechnical industry and lets you demonstrate your credentials to others; from employers and clients to specifiers, business contacts and colleagues.

For employers, your ECS card shows the level to which you are qualified in a particular occupation, permitting you access to a site or property in order to carry out the work you are qualified to do.

You’ll find it increasingly difficult to get employment on building sites without an ECS card because many UK employers specify that holding an appropriate ECS card is compulsory for those working around electricity on their sites.

You’ll also be able to prove you’re competent in health and safety. You might already have a qualification that means you’re covered in this area. But, if not, the ECS card incorporates an H&S assessment as part of the application process, to meet the requirements on employers or site owners for all workers to hold an up-to-date Health & Safety qualification. Find out more about the H&S test…

Your ECS card...

  • Provides national and international recognition that you’re competent to carry out electrotechnical work to UK standards in the areas or occupations identified by the card
  • Is required to permit you access to construction sites (and in some cases, properties) to carry out your work
  • Is backed by government and industry
  • Is based on the recognised standards for the electrotechnical industry
  • Displays your qualification, training, health & safety and identity credentials
  • Is endorsed and supported by employers and industry, including the UK Competent Person Schemes for domestic electrical work (Part P of the Building Regulations)
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