Track your Application with MyECS

If you've made an online application you can track its progress via MyECS. You'll be able to see your application progressing at each stage...

What does each stage mean?

Received: your application has been submitted and is waiting to be processed by the ECS team. Depending on how many applications are being received at that time, your status may sit at this stage for a few weeks, so please don't be alarmed if this is the case.

Verifying: the processing team is ensuring all the information on the application is correct and relevant checks on your qualifications will be made.

If you notice that your application is on hold, please check your emails before calling us - if we need further details from you for your application we'll send you an email confirming everything that we need.

Verified: your application has been sent to a Team Leader for approval as all the details you have submitted have been confirmed.

Prepared: your application has been completed by a Team Leader and has been sent to our card printing house - this may take around 2-3 working days for your card to be processed and printed along with all the other cards that week.

Dispatched: your card has been printed and sent out for delivery - please allow 5 working days for it to arrive.

If your employer has applied for a card on your behalf via the ECS Employer Portal, they'll also be able to follow progress and provide you with updates.