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Health & Safety Assessment

The ECS card scheme matches the requirements of the CSCS scheme, in that it is compulsory that all participants must hold an up-to-date health & safety qualification in order to be awarded with a card. This is designed to prevent accidents and promote safety and quality of work.

However to hold an ECS card you must pass the ECS H&S assessment (or have a valid exemption), unfortunately we cannot accept a CSCS H&S assessment. The ECS H&S test is specifically designed to meet the basic H&S requirements of electrotechnical personnel.

Those who successfully pass the ECS assessment will be awarded with an ECS H&S Certificate, issued by the JIB or SJIB, which can be used to obtain an ECS card within two years of passing the assessment.

Applicants who already meet or exceed the required level of H&S knowledge due to existing (approved) qualifications held will be exempt from taking the ECS H&S assessment. Such applicants will need to provide a copy of a current qualification certificate showing that they hold one of the approved exemptions.

See the full list of ECS H&S test exemptions