ECS Check

Verify the ECS status of electrotechnical personnel 

ECS Check is the name for several online systems that allow clients, contractors, agencies and others to verify the ECS card status of electrotechnical workers. 

For over 50 years the JIB have verified applicants’ qualifications in order to issue them with a card and grading. ECS now has more than 175,000 valid cardholders who have been assessed in line with the standards set out by industry.

Now via ECS Check, the electrotechnical industry and its customers have a means to conduct their own audits to verify all electrotechnical personnel. 

Have a look at the ECS Check service most relevant to your needs: 

Clients and Contractors 

ECS Check for Clients and the Supply Chain is free-to-use online system that allows main contractors and clients to verify the ECS cards of electrotechnical personnel working on projects and produce electronic summaries for auditing and reporting. Read more...

Licence to Practice

ECS Check is a Licence to Practice in Northern Ireland under Procurement Guidance Note 01/16. If you're in Northern Ireland, this is an essential requirement for public works. Sign up to the free to access service now

Employment Businesses 

ECS Check for Employment Businesses allows the verification of ECS cardholders with this bulk checking facility and provides JIB recognition of the standards being applied for engagement, required for some contracts. Read more...

Card search 

If you need to check the details of an individual ECS cardholder, please use the online ECS Check Search function.