Prove your team's skills with ECS

Registering your staff with ECS is the best way to show clients that you take pride in your workforce's skills and have confidence in their abilities...


So what are the benefits of your staff holding ECS cards? 

  • Show clients that your team's skills have been certified and recognised 
  • Gain access to contracts and sites that specify ECS cards as mandatory
  • Gain the advantage over other contractors who can't prove the skills of individuals working on site 

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) is the skills registration scheme for the industry, run by the Joint Industry Board for over 50 years. If an electrician holds an ECS gold card, you know they meet the industry-recognised criteria for their occupation. 

ECS Assessments can be delivered directly to staff on your premises, via the Remote Invigilation system.
Download a guide to the requirements and process here.

Further information for employers is available below...