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The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme accredits the qualifications and experience of workers in the electrotechnical industry. Home to the ECS Registered Electrician and ECS Check

Important Announcements

Introduction of the 18th Edition

Information on the 18th Edition qualification recognised by the JIB and ECS, and how existing cardholders can update their cards.

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ECS Titles Explained...

How does the ECS Registered Electrician relate to the JIB Approved Electrician and the Installation Electrician titles? They all appear on the new ECS Registered Electrician card. In this article we explain what all these titles mean...

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Change is coming - are you affected?

Some important changes are being introduced to the ECS scheme that will take effect from 2019 across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These new rules will apply to existing cardholders and those wishing to apply to the scheme for the first time. 

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How do I become qualified as an Electrician?

Read more about what the industry classes as 'qualified' and the different routes to become an electrician whether you're just leaving school, changing career or have experience and need to qualify as an electrician…

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