ECS Online Assessment Service

ECS Online Assessments

The ECS Remote Invigilation service allows MyECS account holders to take a formal ECS assessment online via remote invigilation without having to travel to an assessment centre. Automated online monitoring software uses artificial intelligence to verify the identity of the person taking the assessment and then constantly monitor them while they take the test. If used correctly the ECS assessment remote invigilation service provides a flexible and cost-effective way for delegates to be able to take online assessments.

Please see the DELEGATE USER GUIDE for information on how to take an ECS assessment online and also the additional information below.

Before you book the service you must make sure that:  Full details of the service are available from 

Once everything is place and you are ready to take your assessment you can purchase and start the assessment at any time that suits you.

The login details for your assessment will be available from your MyECS account and an email that will be sent to you.

Please Note: You MUST allow your webcam and redirects in the web browser you are using for the online assessment to work on your computer. Some users may find that their IT department has activated increased security either within the system settings, the virus software or firewall that prevents the ECS assessment working. For guidance on how to allow access to your webcam and enable redirects please see your web browser instructions or refer to your IT support. We have put together some basic guidance here.