If you have non-UK qualifications...

When an applicant for an ECS card has been trained outside the UK they need to demonstrate that they have fully met the same UK qualification standards as if they had been trained in the UK.  

The requirements for an ECS gold card as an Installation or Maintenance Electrician are a craft vocational qualification or a fully completed apprenticeship standard. If you hold academic qualifications (such as a degree) then you will need to demonstrate that the full UK vocational qualification requirements have been met before your ECS gold card application is successful. If you are not working as an electrician and you hold academic qualifications then there may be a more suitable ECS card for your occupation. Please see our card types page for full details of the ECS cards available.

To demonstrate that the UK qualification standard has been met all applicants for an ECS gold card as an Installation, Maintenance or Domestic Electrician must complete the Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment (see below). 

Qualification requirements 

Where non-UK qualifications are held applicants must meet the following criteria:

The Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment

The Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment helps those who trained outside of the UK to demonstrate they meet the requirements of the ECS card they wish to apply for.

In many cases, the applicant’s existing qualifications will be recognised. However, in all cases, existing qualifications must be assessed and verified that they meet the same criteria as the UK requirements by taking the Ecctis Electrotechnical Skills Statement.

The Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment is available from training providers and colleges across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. More details about the Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment.

*Note: Ecctis is the new name for UKNARIC who changed their name in February 2021 www.ecctis.com