Experienced Worker Assessment

Working in the electrotechnical industry for years but don't have an NVQ Level 3?

If you've got many years experience of working in the electrotechnical industry but have never completed an apprenticeship or NVQ Level 3, there's a way you can get formally assessed and meet the requirements for an ECS gold card.

Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessments recognise your existing industry experience and takes into account the work you've been carrying out to the nationally recognised standard. When you've successfully gone through the assessment process, you'll gain an industry Level 3 qualification that meets the requirements for an ECS gold card application.

A number of different Experienced Worker Assessment routes have been developed in recent years. 

  • Details on the Installation Electrician and Domestic Electrician EWA routes can be found on The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) website.
  • Details on the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems (FESS) EWA routes can be found on the relevant FESS System Technician pages (for individual specialisms or full Gold Card)
  • An EWA for Network Infrastructure Installers (previously called Datacomms) is in pilot stage
  • An EWA for Panel Builders is currently under development
  • An EWA for Building Controls Engineers is currently under development 

Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessments have been developed to mirror the relevant apprenticeship standard so there is one single industry route recognised in each electrotechnical occupation. 

The JIB offers an ECS Experienced Worker card to support people while they complete the Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Assessment. Training providers that offer the Experienced Worker Assessment and are registered with the JIB are able to order a special ECS card directly from the JIB, alternatively, an application with full supporting evidence can be made in the normal way.

Information for training providers about the JIB Training Provider Scheme are available here which includes the ability to manage and apply for ECS cards and assessments on behalf of learners.

Once you have the Experienced Worker Qualification you are able to apply for your ECS gold card in the normal way. 

Did you know? If you completed an industry-recognised apprenticeship - even if it was a long time ago - you can apply for an ECS gold card providing you can supply proof of your apprenticeship completion, such as signed papers/deeds.