The right people with the right skills

Using an ECS cardholder gives you confidence that the person carrying out your electrical work has the right skills for the job…

Who's working on your site?

When awarding contracts for electrical work, you might have checked the company has the necessary certification or competent persons registrations, but how do you know if the person carrying out the electrical work is qualified?

Just because a contractor is registered as a company with industry organisations, it doesn’t mean that the person turning up to do the work on your property has the industry approved skills and qualifications.

ECS Check - the easy way to verify qualifications

ECS Check is a new online system that allows main contractors and clients to verify the skills and qualifications of electrical personnel working on projects and produce electronic summaries for auditing and reporting.  Find out more...

What is the ECS?

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme is the skills registration scheme for the electrical industry run by the Joint Industry Board for over 50 years. If an electrician holds an ECS gold card, you know they meet the industry-recognised criteria for their occupation.

The ECS card:

  • Shows the cardholder is qualified to carry out UK electrotechnical work in the area or occupations identified by the card
  • Is a valid identity card to show employers and gain access to a construction site or a property
  • Is industry-backed
  • Displays their qualification and industry occupation
  • Confirms they meet the required level of health and safety awareness

ECS is partnered with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). So when construction sites or projects are asking for CSCS cards - the ECS card is the one that is needed for any electrotechnical workers.
The term ‘electrotechnical’ covers many occupations, not just electricians, so for instance datacomms engineers, fire detection and alarm systems, emergency & security systems etc. See our Card Types page for all the occupations covered by ECS.