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Why Apply?

Prove what you’re worth

Show your ECS card with prideOver 99,000 electrical professionals are proud to hold an ECS card to show their hard-earned credentials at work and on site.

The ECS card:
  • Displays your qualifications and main electrical occupation
  • Shows you have been H&S assessed
  • Is the industry’s CSCS card
  • Proves your identity on site


You’ve spent time gaining your skills – so get your ECS card today and show it with pride.

An ECS card is instantly recognisable within the electrotechnical industry and lets you demonstrate your credentials to others; from employers and clients to business contacts and colleagues.

You’ll find it increasingly difficult to get employment on building sites without an ECS card because many UK employers specify that holding an appropriate ECS card is compulsory for those working around electricity on their sites.

You’ll also be able to prove you’re competent in health and safety. You might already have a qualification that means you’re covered in this area. But, if not, the ECS card incorporates an H&S assessment as part of the application process, to meet the requirements on employers or site owners for all workers to hold an up-to-date Health & Safety qualification.

Find the right card type for you