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First time you've applied for a card?

Each ECS card comes with its own set of criteria that you must meet in order to qualify for that card. You’ll need to provide scans or copies of your certificates, or other evidence, as part of your application.
First – look at the Card Types section to see which card you want to apply for. Click on the card to read the criteria - please check this criteria carefully, to ensure you have the qualifications needed…
Next – Collate all the relevant evidence required to prove you have the qualifications listed in the criteria. We need this before we can process your application, so please make sure you have this information for us.
Then - You’ll also need to pass the ECS Health & Safety Assessment, unless you have a valid exemption.
All set? Once you’ve checked the Card Types and are happy you meet your chosen card’s requirements, register for MyECS. You can set up an account and keep your personal details up to date from there.

To Apply... Go to your chosen card in Card Types and follow the application process from there - you can apply online via MyECS, or download an application form.

Need to renew an existing card?

Visit our Renew section to find out everything you need to start the renewal process.

Did you train outside of the UK?

Please read our advice if you would like to apply for an ECS card but have qualifications from outside of the UK...

Download our flow chart below to help you understand what steps you need to follow depending on where you are in the industry...