Industry Placement (previously known as Work Experience)

Card information

This card is only available via a training providers who are registered with the JIB. Please ask your training provider to contact ECS. 
The ECS Industry Placement Card has been designed for electrotechnical students to attend formal work placements or gain necessary experience in work alongside their studies. These types of courses include (but are not limited to) T Levels, degree sandwich courses and other activities which involve work experience requirements on a site or project. This card is valid for three years. 

The Industry Placement card is available for T Level students in the following disciplines: 

  • Building Services Design 
  • Control and Instrumentation 
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment Engineering 
  • Electrotechnical Engineering 
  • Protection Systems Engineering
  • Digital Support Services: 
    • Digital Infrastructure 
    • Network Cabling 
    • Unified Communications
    • Digital Support
  • Digital Production, Design and Development 
  • Digital Business Services 
Please note: There are no health and safety qualification exemptions allowed for this card, the ECS HS&E assessment must have been passed prior to this card being applied for by the training provider.

The ECS HS&E assessments can be undertaken through registered Training Providers and employers by Remote Invigilation. 

Eligibility and requirements

The training provider must have an agreement with the JIB to provide this Industry Placement Card for their students. This is obtained through being a Registered Provider

In making the application, Training Providers will confirm that applicants have successfully completed any pre-work training necessary before starting work experience or the relevant placement. All applicants will need to have passed the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment to be eligible for this card.

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