Work Experience

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Card information

This card is only available via a training providers who are registered with the JIB.
The ECS Work Experience Card has been designed to help non-employed electrotechnical students attend high quality work experience placements. It can also help learners compete successfully for apprenticeships after gaining meaningful experience in the work environment.
The ECS Work Experience card identifies the holder as taking part in an unpaid work placement in the electrical industry and allows them access to CSCS-controlled sites, with their designated employer, in order to gain on-site work experience.

Please note: There are no health and safety qualification exemptions allowed for this card, the ECS HS&E assessment must have been passed prior to this card being applied for by the training provider.

Eligibility and requirements

The training provider must have an agreement with the JIB to provide this card for their work experience.

Applicants must have successfully completed a pre-work training period before starting unpaid work experience and have passed the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment to be eligible for this card.

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