Trainee Datacomms Specialist

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Card information

Please Note: This ECS card is being replaced by the new Network Infrastructure card.
ECS datacomms cards have been withdrawn for new applications from 1st January 2021 and will be withdrawn for renewal applications from 30th June 2021. For more details please see the Network Infrastructure information page.
The Trainee Datacomms Specialist card allows trainees to work on site to gain valuable industry experience during their training. The card is issued under the strict understanding that a formal industry training programme is being undertaken and that all work the trainee carries out is under supervision.

This card is for those who are undertaking training that leads to qualification as a Datacomms Specialist. The training should be no less than 2 years’ duration if the candidate has no previous industrial experience, but maybe shorter if the candidate a number of years industry or other relevant experience.

Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for an ECS Trainee Datacomms Specialist card, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be currently undertaking a course of training that leads to Datacomms Specialist status, together with achievement of S/NVQ Level 2 in Structured Cabling Systems
  2. Provide an Employer Training Statement or a College Training Plan & Learning Agreement
  3. Hold a current ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment. For details visit the ECS H&S Assessment page.

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