Distribution Networks Electrician


Card information

The ECS Distribution Networks Electrician card is for operatives who are working in the supply distribution sector. Typically operatives will be working for a contractor installing, commissioning and testing high voltage electrical networks above and below ground, at sites during their construction or refurbishment.

Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for an ECS Distribution Networks Electrician card, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Have successfully completed one of the following routes:  

  • Approved Apprenticeship as a Distribution Networks Electrician
  • Level 3 NVQ in Electricity Systems Technology Engineering
  • Full Level 3 Technical Certificate, PLUS
    • ECITB NVQ Level 3 in Maintaining Plant and Electrical Systems 100/3335/x
    • LV and HV Distribution Networks Operator Company training

2. Hold a current ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment. For details visit the ECS H&S Assessment page.

Note: This card is available to applicants who hold the historic qualifications shown on this page. These qualifications my no longer be available to study for new applicants.

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