FESS Technical Auditor


Card information

The FESS Technical Auditor ECS card is for auditors that have met both technical competencies (such as FESS or electrical gold card holders) and auditor qualification or certification requirements. 

The FESS Technical Auditor card shows good quality standards to be applied across all individual roles, including those who are responsible for confirming standards are being adhered to via third-party certification schemes.

Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for this card, applicants must meeting the following requirements:

1.    Auditor qualification or certification such as: 

  • IRCA Certified Auditor, Lead Auditor or equivalent 
  • Regulated qualification at Level 3 or above for auditing or assessing competence in the workplace

2.    Sector qualifications or training 

  • Level 3 or above apprenticeship, vocational qualification or equivalent in a relevant dispcline e.g. fire and security apprenticeship or experienced worker assessment. Note: This requirement can be met by holding an ECS gold card 
  • Relevant third-party assessment for the applicable sector*, 
  • Employer confirmation of relevant training to the same standard for those who are already undertaking Auditing roles*

3.    Experience 

  • Minimum of 5 years’ technical experience working in the applicable sector (i.e., Fire or Security)

4.    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Updates on relevant standards, evidence of auditor meetings, technology updates or other evidence on renewal as applicable and in line with inspectorate requirements 

5.     Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness

  • To have successfully completed the ECS HSE awareness assessment or recognised exemption 
For details about the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment visit the HS&E Assessment page.

*These two elements will be reviewed within the next 5 years with an intention for initial applications to require a relevant Level 3 sector qualification or above after this time, as well as meeting auditor qualification or certification. 

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