FESS Labourer

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Card information

The FESS Labourer ECS card is for people working in the electrical industry in a supportive role to assist other qualified staff with the installation of cables and other unskilled work under supervision. 

Eligibility and requirements

Route 1: Do you already have a JIB-approved theory qualification?

1. If you already have either an electrical or FESS technical qualification this will be accepted for your card.
View a full list of JIB approved Electrical qualifications 
View a list of JIB approved FESS qualifications
(Only the health and safety element of these qualifications is recognised by the JIB for a FESS Labourer card).

2. You will also need to pass the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment. 

Route 2: If you don’t hold a JIB-approved theory qualification...

If you don’t hold a JIB-approved electrical theory qualification, you’ll need the following: 

1. Successful completion of ONE of the following qualifications or approved Health & Safety courses: 

  • Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment qualification 
  • CITB Health and Safety Awareness: Site Safety Plus
  • CCNSG Safety Passport – National Course or Renewal Course
  • Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Core H&S Course 

2. You only need to sit a separate ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment if you passed any of the above courses over three years ago.

If you have taken the courses listed in item 1 within the last three years, you do not have to sit the separate ECS HS&E Assessment.

3. Proof of engagement in the electrotechnical industry

If your employer has applied for the card through the Employer Portal, this has already been evidenced. Other proof can include (i) a written reference from your employer to confirm you are employed by that company. View more details on what should be included in your reference (ii) If you normally work for an employment business, a signed letter from the business to confirm your dates of engagement as an Electrical Labourer (iii) an electrical qualification or certificate, or enrolment on a relevant course (iv) offer letter / contract of employment / payslip from electrotechnical business or similar. 

Please Note: Following a recent decision of CSCS to withdraw recognition of certain IOSH courses while they collaborate to develop updated verification processes, ECS will also suspend acceptance of any IOSH course certificates after 31st August 2023. This will apply to all cards and all exemption routes. Read more

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