Advanced Datacomms Specialist


Card information

The ECS Advanced Datacomms Specialist card is for operatives that are qualified to Level 3 in a recognised datacomms qualification and are installing, commissioning and maintaining structured cabling systems for datacomms systems.

Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for an ECS Advanced Datacomms Specialist card, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. You must have achieved one of the following:

  • Have undertaken a Level 3 Datacomms Specialist apprenticeship
  • Have passed the S/NVQ Level 3 in Electrotechnical Services Installing and inspecting Structured Cabling Systems
  • Have passed BTEC Level 3 NVQ for IT and Telecomms Professionals

2. Hold a current ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment. For details visit the ECS H&S Assessment page