Amendment to 18th Edition deadline for Registered Electricians

Over 20,000 ECS cardholders are now signed up to Registered Electrician status and receive a well-deserved endorsement for their professionalism and skills.

Registered Electrician status recognises those who are not only qualified to the industry-recognised Level 3 standard, but also have opted into a Code of Professional Conduct and a commitment to undertake CPD, including keeping up to date with the Wiring Regulations.

After conducting a survey and listening to feedback from our cardholders, the ECS has amended the deadline by which Registered Electricians with the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations must gain the 18th Edition. The following dates now apply:

  • Before 31 Dec 2019, Registered Electricians can renew their card and maintain their Registered Electrician status with either 17th Edition or 18th Edition.
  • From 01 January 2020, when Registered Electricians renew their card they must hold the 18th Edition. Without the 18th Edition, cardholders will revert back to a standard Installation or Maintenance Electrician card.

For example, if a Registered Electrician’s card expires on 01 June 2020, they will not need to provide evidence of their 18th Edition certification until they renew their card in the weeks leading up to this expiry date.

Gold Cards and Registered Electrician: which dates apply to you? 

I have signed up to Registered Electrician status and have the words 'Registered Electrician' on my card:

From 01 January 2020 you can only renew with 18th Edition if you wish to keep Registered Electrician status. If not, RE status will be removed and you will continue as an Installation or Maintenance Electrician gold cardholder but without the words Registered Electrician on your card. 

I have an Installation or Maintenance Electrician gold card and I keep it up to date: 

You can continue to renew your card as normal. If you wish to sign up to Registered Electrician status at any stage you must hold the 18thEdition. 

I have an Installation or Maintenance Electrician card but it’s out of date: 

From 01 July 2019 if your card is more than 12 months out of date, if you want to renew your card you must hold the 18th Edition and will have to sign up to Registered Electrician status when you renew. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we making this change?

When Registered Electrician status was launched in October 2017, the ECS set a deadline of 01 July 2019 for ECS Registered Electricians to obtain BS7671:2018 (the 18thEdition of the IET Wiring Regulations).

A recent survey of ECS Registered Electricians who have not yet obtained BS7671:2018 revealed that whilst some are in the process of gaining their 18thEdition, demand for courses is high with some waiting a number of weeks for placements. There is also clear concern about the cost of courses, qualification fees and loss of earnings whilst training.

Whilst the JIB is keen to drive up standards, it also recognises external influences that affect cardholders and, in light of this, the deadline has been changed to take these factors into account.


Clarity on ‘losing’ cards

An ongoing misconception arising from the survey is that people still believe that they will ‘lose’ their gold card if they do not gain the 18th Edition. Providing that their card is kept up to date and not lapsed for longer than 12 months from 01 July, they can continue to renew their card as normal. See this article for more details.   

Clarity on ‘who is a Registered Electrician?'

These dates only apply to those who have the words ‘Registered Electrician’ along the bottom of their card. This is a separate status that the cardholder will have signed up to since October 2017. For other gold card holders, the existing rules about renewal apply – see a summary of these changes.   

How do I supply you with proof of my 18th Edition qualification?

Once you have your 18th Edition certificate it can be uploaded to your MyECS account as part of your renewal application.   

Continuing without the 18th Edition

If you are an ECS Registered Electrician and renew your card after 01 January 2020, but do not submit a BS7671:2018 qualification by the expiry deadline, you will continue to hold a valid ECS card, but it will not include the words ‘Registered Electrician’ or the BS7671 mark on the bottom right.

If you subsequently obtain BS7671:2018 and upload the qualification to your MyECS account, the Registered Electrician status will visible on your virtual ECS card and on ECS Check free of charge. 

If you also then wish to replace your printed ECS card to show the restoration of your ECS Registered Electrician status, you can do so at a discounted cost of £10 plus VAT.


18th Edition training and assessment

The ECS is keen to support its cardholders who are looking for advice on 18th Edition training, assessment and possible funding opportunities. Take a look at this page which gives advice on what to consider when looking at training and the options around assessment only if you feel you may not need to attend a formal training course.