Apprenticeship Completion during the current Covid-19 crisis

The JIB has been informed by training providers that the apprenticeship registration body (Apprenticeship Certificates England (ACE)) will not be printing apprenticeship completion certificates during the current Covid-19 crisis. Training providers claiming apprenticeship completions will be provided with a confirmation email from ACE with a formal certificate being forwarded once they become available.

The JIB will accept applications from 2020 completing apprentices without a final completion certificate providing that included with the application is a screen shot of the apprentice completion application, that has been made to apprenticeship completion system (ACE in England), and a copy of the ACE apprenticeship completion confirmation email to the completing apprentice for them to be included in an ECS card application.

Full certification for the apprenticeship completion must be included with the application and may include electronic certification from City and Guilds or EAL. Electronic certification must clearly show the certificate reference numbers so they can be validated in our systems.

Once the application is received the ECS processing team will request confirmation from the training provider to support an ECS card application.
A copy of the apprenticeship completion certificate must be forwarded to the JIB once it becomes available.