ECS Check for Employment Businesses

(previously the JIB Industrial Information Service)

ECS Check for employment businesses provides a facility to verify the status or JIB grade of ECS cardholders.

Employment business using the ECS Check service are those approved for use by JIB member companies under the National Working Rules. This gives these employment businesses a huge boost not just in terms of quality assurance through the ECS Check facility, but by opening up new work avenues and opportunities. 

More and more contractors are recognising the benefits of ensuring they have qualified workers on their jobs and raising standards to achieve competence. Using ECS Check, you can verify that ECS cardholders are qualified to the required level for the job and prevent individuals slipping through the net using fraudulent or forged certificates. 

ECS uses a specially designed computer program to verify qualifications directly with awarding bodies like City and Guilds and EAL, which is a great benefit to employment business using the service. 

How to access this service 

If you are an employment business and would like to use this ECS Check service, you will have to register with the JIB and pay an annual subscription fee. Your company name, address and telephone number will also be added to the list of ECS Check Employment Business subscribers on the JIB website. This list is then used by JIB members when selecting an employment business to use giving your business a distinct advantage over others. 

If you wish to access the service at more than one branch or office, each separate branch or office has to be registered and a separate subscription fee paid for each.

How the service works

On approval of your subscription you will be issued with a username and password for the ECS website, to access the ECS Check portal. 

Searches can be made by name, card number and expiry date. The search results will include ECS card information including JIB grade, main and additional disciplines in which the operative is registered, status of health, safety and environmental awareness, card expiry, photograph of the individual, and other additional qualifications or memberships held. 

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