ECS Photo Guide

ECS Photograph Requirements

The requirements for the photograph to be used for an ECS application are the same as a passport style photograph.
The photograph must be a clear image of the applicants face with a plain expression, their mouth closed and their eyes open.
The applicants photograph must have:

  • A neutral expression
  • The delegate looking directly at camera
  • Be of the delegates head fully in frame
  • Have a plain background
  • Must be in focus

The photograph must NOT have:

  • Any headgear (hats or fashion accessories)
  • Sunglasses or other eye were that obscures the face or eyes
  • Any busy background
  • Any other people in the shot

The photo guidance information is available here

Head covering for religious or medical reasons

If ahead covering is worn for religious or medical reasons then we respect the applicant for waring the head covering and would not ask for it to be removed.
However, we do require a clear image of the applicants face with the applicant looking directly at the camera. There must be no hair or covering across any part of the face.