ECS Titles Explained...


How does the ECS Registered Electrician relate to the JIB Approved Electrician and the Installation Electrician titles? They all appear on the new ECS Registered Electrician card..Let’s start with the JIB Grade ‘Approved Electrician’. This title came in back in 1968 when the JIB was founded. If you have a JIB grade listed on your card (such as Electrician, Approved Electrician or Technician) you are entitled to the relevant JIB hourly rate of pay when you work for a JIB member company. Not all ECS cards will have a JIB grade listed on them.

The Installation Electrician is an occupation within the ECS. There are many other ECS occupations, for example Maintenance Electrician, Datacomms Specialist and Alarm Systems Installer.

ECS Registered Electrician is a new status which is now available to an individual who qualifies as an Installation Electrician, holds the current edition of BS7671 and has also signed up to a Code of Professional Practice.

So three titles on one card may seem confusing, but they all represent slightly different but complementary areas. In practice they do not generally cause a problem. If a cardholder presents a gold card with just Installation Electrician listed as an occupation, this means that they still meet the industry-recognised criteria for an electrician.