Network Infrastructure Assessment

To apply for an ECS card as an Network Infrastructure Assistant the ECS Network Infrastructure Assistant assessment plus a valid ECS Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) assessment must be held.
The ECS HS&E assessment must be booked and taken separately from the Network Infrastructure Assistant assessment (although the two separate assessment may be taken consecutively at the same venue or both by remote invigilation online). 

Assessment Preparation

Before taking the Network Infrastructure Assistant assessment you are advised to prepare for your assessment. Information about the test is available to download below.

For general guidance on the assessment download the Network Infrastructure Assistant guide here:

Assessment Availability 

The Assessment is available online through Remote Invigilation. Please contact the ECS booking team on 01322 661633 who will set up your MyECS account with the assessment. 

You can also:
  • Book to undertake the assessment at the JIB offices in Swanley, Kent by calling 01322 661633
  • Talk to your training provider to see if they are registered with the JIB and can provide the assessment
  • Speak to your employer
Your employer can also set up these assessments to be undertaken remotely. To register for this service, Employer Poral uses should email putting “Remote Invigilation Service” and your JIB member or Employer Portal reference number in the subject line.

Make sure that you specify the Network Infrastructure Assistant assessment when you book your assessment.

Remember, you will also need a separate ECS Health, Safety and Environmental assessment before you will be able to apply for your Network Infrastructure Assistant ECS card.