Simpler process for applying for your ECS card

Need to apply or renew your ECS card? Watch our short guidance video here explaining how to apply and upload any documents.  

We have recently launch an updated, simpler process for applying for ECS cards through the MyECS and ECS Employer Portals focusing on greater automation, less confusion and quicker processes for customers. These updates include: 

  • Automatic detection and reading of files uploaded - no need for manual entry as we can prepopulate your qualification information, including multiple pages at once  
  • Automatic real-time checking with awarding organisations - quicker checking and verification of certificates to avoid unnecessary delays and improve security
  • New awarding organisation including for automatic checking - over 1000 qualifications now verified through automation 
  • Document viewer - more clarity on what you are uploading to get things right first time
  • Updated help and guidance - useful support icons at each step of the application to avoid confusion 
  • Updated rules engine and links into government registers - more up to date information on training and qualification routes 
Look out for more information and video guides coming soon.