The ECS Card Explained

What does the ECS card display? Take a look at our breakdown of what the card shows...

The ECS card printing system has recently been updated, which means cards printed now and in the future have a slightly different look to those cards issued before the change in system.

ECS cards issued from the new system display a full colour ECS logo on the front and a barcode on the back. The back of all new cards are white, regardless of the colour on the front of the card. The new cards are also laminated for better durability.

The layout of ECS cards is identical for all card types.

New Style Card (left) and Existing Style Card (right)

Key - 1. The ECS logo  2. The CSCS hologram shows the ECS scheme is partnered with the CSCS card scheme  3. The cardholder's name 4. The cardholder's card number 5. The cardholder's occupation/s  6. The JIB logo will appear for cardholders who have a JIB grade  7. A photo of the cardholder  8. If the cardholder has successfully passed the ECS Health & Safety requirements, the ECS Assessed hologram will be shown here 9. If the cardholder has a JIB grade it will be shown here 10. The card's expiry date 11. If a logo appears here it shows the card is also linked to an ECS partner association

The reverse of the card shows: 1. The JIB's contact details. 2. The JIB logo 3. The cardholder's qualifications 4. A unique bar code (new style card only) 5. The logos of the ECS card partners

New Style Card Reverse (left) and Existing Style Card Reverse (right)