Want to be an Electrician?

If you’re interested in joining the electrotechnical industry – you need to make sure you do the right training and gain industry-recognised qualifications, otherwise you may find it difficult to find work in the long run.

The qualifications you gain will also affect which ECS card you’re eligible for - if you're on a formal training programme or apprenticeship, the ECS Apprentice and Trainee cards are available - you'll need to apply for these in conjunction with your training provider.

Looking for an ECS Gold Card?

If you're hoping to apply for an ECS gold card - there are only certain ways that you can achieve one, depending on your qualifications and training. Take a look at our advice on the only routes to gaining a gold card...

Leaving school? Age 16-19

If you’ve recently left school the most common way to join the industry is via an apprenticeship. Electrical apprentices work towards nationally recognised qualifications (NVQs) and spend the rest of their time developing technical skills and ‘on-the-job’ knowledge with an employer in their chosen industry.

Change of career?

If you’ve already been working in a different sector but want to become an electrician, you’ll need to research any possible training courses carefully, to ensure they’ll give you the right qualifications that employers are looking for.

Check out the industry’s Electrical Careers website for more information on career options and possible training routes.