What's Involved?

In order for you to gain an ECS card via the premium service, the following steps must take place:

  • You must sit and pass the ECS Health & Safety Assessment on the day of the appointment, unless you already hold an up-to-date approved Health & Safety qualification.
  • You must bring to your appointment all the necessary completed paperwork and evidence documents as outlined in the Document Checklist section. Also see 'Your Responsibilities' for more information.
  • You must pay the card and service fees in advance when making a booking.

Card Fees

Services Non JIB member / Non JIB employee JIB member / JIB employee
Initial ECS craft card and H&S Assessment £264 £198
Initial ECS craft card (no H&S Assessment) £216 £150
Renewal ECS card and H&S Assessment £186 £162
Renewal ECS card (no H&S Assessment) £138 £114