Mature Candidate Assessment

Working in the industry for years but don't have an NVQ Level 3?

If you've got many years experience of working in the electrical industry but have never completed an apprenticeship or NVQ Level 3, there's now a way you can get formally assessed and meet the requirements for an ECS gold card.

The JIB Mature Candidate Assessment recognises your existing industry experience and takes into account the work you've been carrying out so far. When you've successfully gone through the assessment process, you'll gain an industry Level 3 qualification that meets the requirements for an ECS gold card application.

It works like this:

  • Register with one of the training providers around the country who offer the Mature Candidate Assessment.
  • An independent assessor will talk to you about how your existing skills and experience can be used to contribute towards the qualification requirements.
  • Site assessments of your work can be arranged, and any gaps in training will be identified. Often all that you need to do is the AM2 assessment.

Take a look at our 'Eligibility' and 'Providers' sections for more information.

Did you know? If you completed an industry-recognised apprenticeship - even if it was a long time ago! - you can apply for an ECS gold card providing you can supply proof of your apprenticeship completion, such as signed papers/deeds.