2022 Price Review

22 November 21

During the last six years the JIB has made a targeted investment in ECS Check to provide greater visibility of ECS cards to clients and main contractors, the introduction of a CPD record as part of a cardholders MyECS record and a range of new specialist sector assessments to support applicants comply with the qualification requirements of the scheme. These enhancements have been made to deliver greater value and support to cardholders and organisations.  
To ensure the JIB continue to offer the best support and service, and reflecting ongoing rising business costs, customers who apply for ECS cards and purchase assessments directly from the JIB will be charged £45 for initial ECS card applications and for all ECS assessments, £35 will be charged for renewal and replacement cards from 1st January 2022 (all prices quoted exclude VAT).
This increase, the first since 2015, will ensure we continue to invest in providing an effective service and valuable benefits to ensure your skills and experience are accredited simply and easily. We appreciate your support and remain committed to ensuring you access a quality and valued service.
A full list of the charges made by the JIB are available from the policies and documents of the ECS card website.