ECS Card expiry dates extended

18 March 20

If your ECS Card is due to expire in March, April, May or June 2020, the original expiration date has now been automatically extended.
The continuing changes to the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID 19) has resulted in the closure of a number of venues where the Health, Safety and Environment Assessments were due to take place.
The Health, Safety and Environment Assessment is a requirement for anyone applying for or renewing an ECS Card and is designed to prevent accidents, promote safety and quality of work and ensure that ECS Cardholders have a good level of health and safety awareness when on site.
As a result of these venue closures, some cardholders are unable to book an Assessment, or in some cases had their Assessment postponed, and will not be able to renew their Cards which has led to the extension to Cards which are due to expire in March, April, May or June 2020.
For those affected, a new physical ECS Card will not be issued however the online system has now been updated so you will be able to view your new Card expiry date by logging into your MyECS account via the My ECS portal or the free smart phone app available for Apple and Android users. The correct expiry date will also be visible for the means of verification by clients and contractors in ECS Check.
This automatic extension only applies to Cards which are due to expire in March, April, May or June 2020 however ECS will continue to monitor the situation regarding Coronavirus and the impact this may have on Cards which are due to expire after this point.