Improved visibility and enhanced security in latest updates for ECS Employer Portal

13 June 22

ECS deals with around 60,000 applications each year, with the vast majority of these coming from individuals on the MyECS portal or from employers using the ECS Employer Portal. Both systems are free to access and have been giving more control and visibility on ECS registrations for the best part of the last 10 years.  
There are almost 4,000 companies which use the Employer Portal to view their employees’ certifications, qualifications and assessments, get reminders about expiry and health and safety awareness status, build a picture of workforce skills, as well as apply or renew ECS cards on behalf of their employees. 
Last year, functionality was added to both MyECS and the Employer Portal which allows individuals or companies to undertake ECS Health, Safety and Environmental awareness assessments remotely – from home or office – using an industry-leading artificial intelligence system to invigilate assessments as well as undertake biometric checks of the person undertaking the assessment against identification documents provided. 
Andy Reakes, Head of Growth for the JIB and ECS, said, “We have been busy working on improvements to some of the back-end systems over the last few months for both MyECS and the Employer Portal. This follows feedback from users on how we can give better value, improve efficiencies, and simplify processes for both individuals and employers.”
Improvements in 2022 which have been made include: 
·       Improved visibility - new finance handling system with a more thorough breakdown of all purchases 
·       More control - change delivery address and contact details per order on the Employer Portal
·       Better information - more alerts on screen to give clearer information and feedback 
·       Greater functionality - ability for employers to take control of applications started in MyECS  
·       Enhanced security – new controls to lock and unlock applications in the Employer Portal to give better controls and allow or prevent employees changing details on MyECS
·       Interoperability – allowing the CSCS Smart Check app real-time access into the ECS database and clearer information on expired and deleted records 
·       Smoother journey – minor bug fixes and smarter processes for automated information updates  
Further updates this year include some major projects to enhance the functionality of the MyECS mobile application for enhanced customer value and better integration with external systems for quicker certificate verification and reduced processing times.
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