ECS Check Card Search

To check an ECS card enter the details requested below.

To use this ECS card check service simply fill in the information that is displayed on the ECS card you are looking to validate.

The basic check will simply confirm that the details you provide are correct.

However, if the ECS cardholder goes to their MyECS account (either via this website or by using the MyECS smart phone app) they can give you an authorization code that will allow you to lookup the complete card information so you will see a full image of the card you are checking.

Your search results will be displayed at the bottom of this page.


If you have a an authorisation pass-code provided by the card holder, you may enter it here in addition to the information above to retrieve their full card information.

This is a restricted service.
For more detail about this service and information about ECS Check for Main Contractors, Facilities Managers and Clients see our ECS Check web page.