MyECS Virtual Card App

The MyECS Virtual Card App allows you to view an electronic image of your ECS card or cards. The virtual card/s are automatically updated when your ECS record is updated. You can swipe left and right to cycle between multiple cards if you hold them.

The app stores your card details so you can view them at all times, even when you have no mobile signal. 

Most pages in this app support the 'pull down to update' function. This means that if you want to refresh the information at any time, touch and drag the screen down until you see the whirring wheel icon to indicate the details are updating. 

In the app you can also generate an authorisation code for others to view your card online via the ECS website or via the companion ECS Check app. 

If you are working on a contract that is using ECS Check, it will be listed here once your employer has allocated you to a particular project. 

If you would like to apply for or renew an ECS card, or amend your personal information or preferences, you will need to do this via the ECS website by logging in to your main MyECS account. 

The MyECS app is available from the following app stores: