Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice

The JIB/ ECS will follow advice given by Public Health England and the NHS with regard to the Coronavirus. Appointments and meetings may be changed or cancelled at short notice. We will endeavour to accommodate our customers whenever we can.

Listed below are some of the measures we are taking during these exceptional times. 

ECS Assessments – Remote Invigilation Services available 
Due to the COVID19 restrictions some venues offering the ECS assessments are closed or have restricted access. 

To help people access assessments without the need to travel tocentres, the JIB has developed a Remote Invigilation service which can be accessed by employers for their workforce through the Employer Portal system. We would encourage anyone who is unable to travel to a physical centre speaks to their employer about signing up to this service. 

ECS Card Applications
We are taking ECS card applications as normal. If you fully meet the scheme requirements for the ECS card you are applying for, please use our online service either via your MyECS account for personal cardholder applications or as an employer with the Employer Portal.

If you are waiting to take an ECS Health Safety & Environmental assessment you may make your ECS card application before you take your assessment. This will allow us to work on your application and then hold it until you have passed your assessment speeding up your application waiting time. More information is available here.

If your existing ECS card has expired or you are looking to apply for your first ECS card and you are finding it difficult to book your ECS Health Safety & Environmental, please see details above on Remote Invigilation services available. 

ECS Office Closure
ECS assessments are available to our office in Swanley, Kent by prior appointment. However, our office is closed to ALL other visitors.

Telephone Lines
Our telephone lines are going to be open, unless otherwise stated, from 9.00am to 4.30 pm.

Online Training and Assessment
Online training can provide a flexible and cost-effective resource to upskill or retrain at any time. However, before online training is purchased and carried out consideration must be given to the way the training will be assessed and certificated. If the online training exam is not assessed correctly the ECS WILL NOT BE ABLE to accept the test certificate under the certification scheme requirements we have to comply with.
Advice about exams following online training is available here ​

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice 
For advice on we recommend that you review WHO advice online, in particular “Coronavirus disease - advice to the public”. 
and Public Health England
We do not want any unnecessary risks taken with regards to the possible spread of the virus.
There is no need to panic about the current circumstances. If you think that you may be affected by the Coronavirus please contact our support team BEFORE attending any appointment you have with us and follow the advice from Public Health England.