Take your ECS HSE Awareness Assessment Online Now

Do your Assessment online now

You must have an up-to-date health, safety and environmental awareness assessment in order to be awarded with an ECS card to ensure all cardholders have a good level of health and safety awareness when on a project.

Online Assessments available at home or at work at any time!

You can undertake the Assessment online through your MyECS account, which is the quickest and easiest way to complete the assessment. No need to wait or book, and no need to travel. You can undertake the assessment at home or at work, or any location where you have a room on your own, stable internet and access to a webcam. This has been a revolutionary way of using the latest artificial intelligence solutions to give flexibility, reduce cost, and enhance security. 

You can undertake the assessment on its own, before applying for your ECS card, or as part of an ECS card application and renewal.  

A short video showing how to undertake assessments online can be found here.

Click here for further information about the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment.

For those who wish to travel to a physical centre, please click here for a full list of venues.