Enhancements to ECS Applications

New Application Enhancements
Two new enhancements have been added the Employer Portal and MyECS to support ECS card applications.
The enhancements will allow early card applications before the ECS HS&E assessment is passed and the introduction of a new review screen before a card order is finalised.

Early Application
The ECS card application system has now been updated to allow an application to be submitted prior to the ECS HS&E assessment being completed. Up to now an ECS card application needed to have all the qualifications and documents present for the application to be accepted by our systems.
The reason ECS has introduced this new facility is to reduce any delay that our customers may experience in waiting for an ECS HS&E assessment becoming available. All the application processing and any necessary enquiries can be started as soon as the application is received by the ECS team rather than this work starting after the ECS HS&E assessment has been successfully passed. 
All the normal requirements of an application must be met for any ECS card application. Once all the requirements have been fully met the ECS processing team will then put the application on “Conditional Hold” pending the ECS HS&E assessment being successfully passed.
Once the ECS HS&E assessment is passed by the applicant then the application on Conditional Hold will be completed and the ECS card issued.

New Review Screen
All ECS card applications now have an additional “Review Screen” prior to the application being finalised.
The purpose of this screen is to give the applicant the opportunity to review their application before the order is placed and paid for.
The review screen gives a summary of the ECS card being applied for, an indication if anything is missing and if the application is likely to fail because incomplete or missing qualifications or supporting auditable documented evidence.

Further details of the enhancements can be found here.