FESS Assessment

To apply for an ECS card as a FESS Systems Operative a pathway specific FESS assessment for the ECS occupation being applied for plus a valid ECS Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) assessment must be held.

The ECS HS&E assessment must be booked and taken separately from the FESS assessment (although the two separate assessment may be taken consecutively at the same venue). 

There are four multiple-choice assessments available in the following FESS sector disciplines: 
  • Fire 
  • Fire and Emergency Lighting 
  • Security 
  • Fire and Security 
Links for the test criteria and sample questions for each assessment are below in the assessment preparation section.

The correct multiple-choice assessment that corresponds to the ECS card occupation that is being applying for must be taken.

If multiple pathways are required on the FESS Systems Operative ECS card then the additional discipline test will be needed. Emergency Lighting is not available as a standalone assessment. Operatives requiring Emergency Lighting for a security discipline will need to take the combined Fire & Emergency Lighting assessment, along with the Security assessment if the additional accreditation is required.

Assessment preparation

There are specific sector disciplines in the FESS industry each with their own assessment.

Relevant training is needed before an FESS assessment is taken. Training is available from specialist training providers and may also be something provided by an employer.


The guides below cover the topics and provide some sample questions for each of the assessments that should be used to support training. 

There is no database of questions to revise from for the FESS assessments. Your chosen training provider should be able to help provide guidance to the training that will needed. 

Before an application can be made for an FESS Systems Operative ECS card both the relevant FESS assessment plus the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental assessment are needed. 

For general guidance on the FESS assessments download the guide and also the  FESS industry sector discipline can be down downloaded below. Formal training will be required BEFORE the assessment is taken.

Assessment Availability 

The FESS assessments are available from the JIB in Swanley, Kent, through the Remote Invigilation service, from some employers with access to the Employer Portal and some JIB Training Providers. 

To book an online assessment through the JIB or to undertake an assessment at the JIB Offices in Swanley, Kent please call 01322 661 633.

Employers are able to offer FESS assessments directly if they are registered on the ECS Employer Portal. To activate assessments on your company's Portal account, please email guidance.portal@ecscard.org.uk with your JIB / Employer Portal number. 

Make sure that you specify the correct FESS industry sector discipline when you book your assessment.

Remember, you will also need a separate ECS Health, Safety and Environmental assessment before you will be able to apply for your FESS Systems Operative ECS card.