Details about the FESS Industry ECS Cards

The following ECS cards are available in the FESS sector disciplines

  • Fire 
  • Fire and Emergency Lighting 
  • Security 
  • Fire and Security 
FESS Labourer 
The FESS Labourer ECS card is for people in a supportive role to assist other FESS industry qualified staff with the installation of cables and other unskilled work under supervision. 
FESS Labourer card details.

FESS Systems Operative
The FESS Systems Operative ECS card is for people working in the FESS industry in a specialist role such as installer or maintainer. 
This is a White card with a blue stripe that recognises the cardholders' industry experience through a special industry multiple choice assessment in the relevant FESS sector discipline.
A guide to the assessment and the preparation needed is available the FESS Assessment page.
FESS Systems Operative card details.

FESS Systems Technician 
The FESS Systems Technician ECS gold card recognises completion of the level 3 FESS apprenticeship standard that includes the FESS endpoint assessment or the FESS Experienced Worker Assessment (currently under development).
Typically, the Systems Technician will work unsupervised in all areas of installation, maintenance and commissioning of their relevant FESS sector discipline.
FESS Systems Technician card details. ​

FESS Technical Manager
Technical Managers that have met both the FESS Systems Technician ECS gold card and the ECS manager requirements can be recognised with the FESS Technical Manager ECS black card.
This card gives the cardholder the benefits of both being recognised as having met the FESS industry benchmark level 3 technical standard and also an industry manager. 
FESS Systems Technician card details.

FESS Apprentice and Trainee
For new entrants into the FESS industry there are two ECS cards are available depending on their training programme being undertaken.
Apprentices can be recognised through the FESS apprentice card when training to the level 3 FESS apprenticeship standard is being completed that leads to the FESS endpoint assessment.
For FESS new entrants that are on a training programme that is working toward the level 3 FESS endpoint assessment the FESS trainee card is available. 
To apply for a FESS Apprentice or Trainee card the applicant needs to provide evidence of the training programme being undertaken and their employer support.

Change to New Scheme Cards

These FESS ECS occupations will replace the existing Fire Detection & Alarm Systems and the Emergency & Security Systems cards.
The FESS requirements will become compulsory for all new (initial) card applications from 1st July 2021. From July 2021 all existing ECS Fire and Security card renewals, where applicable*, will need to meet the new card qualification requirements. If you are affected by these new requirements information will be available via your MyECS account.   

Full details of FESS ECS cards are available from the FESS Card Types page.

*Note: Existing Fire Detection & Alarm Systems and Emergency & Security Systems apprenticeship qualified ECS gold cardholders will be able to continue to renew their ECS cards under the existing rules.