NEW ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment – Building a Safer Future

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) has announced that from 5th April 2021 the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) assessment is being extended to 50 questions, with a pass mark of 43, which will greater focus on fire safety in buildings and specific questions on fire stopping and compartmentalisation.
Across construction and the built environment, individuals are required to demonstrate health, safety and environmental awareness and have this reassessed on a periodic basis. This is part of the CSCS Partner Scheme requirements for ECS. Although this awareness can be shown in multiple ways, the industry felt it important to give greater focus on fire safety and ensure essential fire stopping questions were part of this minimum awareness level for those working in the electrotechnical industry.
Jay Parmar, Chief Executive of the JIB, said: “Having an up-to-date health, safety and environmental awareness is a key pathway to help build a safer future. ECS card helps to underline the card holder’s knowledge in helping to prevent accidents and promote safer standards and higher quality of work. The amendment to the ECS HS&E assessment is a progressive step forward to help ensure that all installers have met the minimum levels of awareness of fire stopping in buildings as part of the wider health, safety and environmental considerations in the built environment.”
To find out more about the ECS HS&E assessment our information page.