Preparation and Revision

The ECS Health Safety and Environmental Assessment contains 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes, you will need 43 correct answers to pass the assessment. The questions are randomly selected from a database of over 300 questions listed in the FREE revision guide (see below). It is a 'closed book' assessment - so no revision materials will be allowed into the exam room or while undertaking remotely invigilated assessments. 

The ECS HSE assessment comprises questions covering eleven topics. The numbers of questions randomly selected from each topic are:

General Health and Safety at Work

6 questions

Manual Handling Operations

4 questions

Reporting Accidents

3 questions

Personal Protective Equipment at Work

4 questions

Health and Hygiene

3 questions

Fire and Emergency
inc Fire Safety in Buildings

9 questions

Work at Height

5 questions

Work Equipment

4 questions

Special Site Hazards

3 questions


6 questions


3 questions


An ECS Question and Answer Book is available to help you prepare for your ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment – it contains all of the questions and answers on the database that is used for the assessment.

Download the free ECS revision guide 

The ECS HSE Awareness Assessment was last updated in 2024 to include wider scope on Fire Safety in Buildings awareness. You can find out more about these changes here including free online training resources. 

Please note: Changes to the ECS card scheme may mean that there are additional Health and Safety qualification requirements needed prior to making any ECS card application. Please check the qualification requirements on the Card Types page before booking your ECS HS&E assessment. 

Important! Candidates need adequate preparation time before sitting the assessment. We recommend that candidates study the revision guide over a period of at least ten working days prior to sitting the assessment. If you are booking assessments on behalf of someone else, please ensure that the revision guide is supplied to the candidate at least 10 days before the assessment date.