Remote Invigilation Service - Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts

Remember you will be monitored while you are using the ECS assessment remote Invigilation system. All the time you are using our system you must: 
  • Make sure you have your photo ID (passport or photo driving licence) to hand prior to starting the assessment 
  • Not communicate with anyone during your assessment
  • Ensure your computer is placed on a flat stable surface 
  • Pay attention to the computer screen at all times
  • Ensure your face is clearly seen by the webcam at all times
  • Have a plain background behind you
  • Respond to all the attention prompts when they appear (click on the targets)
You must also make sure that you do:
  • Not have any other computing devices around you
  • Not have access to any reference material, including electronic devices that could retrieve reference material
  • Not at any time move out of view of the webcam, your full attention MUST be on the computer screen at all times
  • Not have any other person in the room with you
  • Not leave or move out the browser window you are using or go to another browser window or tab with your mouse at any time for any reason 
Ideally you should not have any other computer screens connected to your computer. If you cannot disconnect any additional computer screens you must NOT leave or move out the browser window you are using.