Renew your ECS card

Have you got less than three months before your ECS card expires? You'll need to renew your's easy!

Follow these few simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Register for a MyECS account

If you haven't done so already you'll need to register for a MyECS account - you will need to renew online via MyECS and can track your renewal progress from there.

On MyECS you'll see any specific messages relating to your card such as new criteria or if you need to renew with an ECS partner organisation.

Step 2: Check the qualification requirements for your card

The criteria for some cards has changed so please check you still meet the requirements for your card. View our Card Types section to find out more.

If you are changing your ECS Occupation or JIB Grade you will also need to prove you have the additional qualifications for the occupation or grade.

If you need to provide proof of any new or updated qualifications you can upload these as scans, or good quality digital photographs. We cannot renew your card without proof that you have the qualifications needed for that card. Please make sure you have everything to hand before you start.

Step 3: Meet the Health and Safety Requirements

Check that you meet the Health & Safety requirements for your card. You can either do this by taking the ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment, or you may be exempt from taking the ECS Assessment if you already hold or are taking a separate qualification for your specific card. View a list of qualifications accepted as exemptions.

Log in to MyECS to start the renewal process I need to set up a MyECS account