MyECS Virtual Card App

ECS is a smart system - using virtual ECS cards through smart devices such as your phone and digital platforms such as online portals for card holders, employers and clients.

The scheme gives the necessary information for workforce management and the accredited skills of the card holder all in real time and using some of the most up to date systems in the UK. Coupled with dedicated database links to awarding organisations and AI solutions for ECS assessments to prevent fraud, ECS is a robust and dynamic scheme leading the way in digital technologies the built environment.   

The MyECS Virtual Card App allows you to view an image of your ECS card on your smartphone 

The virtual card/s are automatically updated when your ECS record is updated. ECS cards in the MyECS App can also be checked through the CSCS Smart Check App, which reads across all CSCS Partner Schemes.

If you have more than one ECS card you can see the different cards by swiping to either side of your screen.

The app stores your card details so you can view them at all times, even when you have no mobile signal. 

Most pages in the app support the “pull down to refresh” function if you need to update the page.

In the app you can also generate an authorisation code for others to view your card online via the ECS website or via the companion ECS Check app. 

If you are working on a site that is using ECS Check for monitoring and audit, the quickest way for your card to be validated is to use the QR code. The QR code is accessed by touching the “Show your QR code for ECS Check” located just below the image of your card.

The app is also being updated to allow applications and renewals. Until then you will need to login to your MyECS account to keep you contact details up to date and make card applications. 

The MyECS app is available from the following app stores: