ECS Online Assessments - what you need to know

As well as the Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment, there are other assessment options available through ECS systems including:  It is important you prepare for these assessments before taking them and it is expected that training will be required for most to successfully pass. For some with less experience, formal qualifications may be more appropriate. 

Click on the links above for more information on what to expect in each assessment, how to find training necessary for these (whether through your employer or a training provider) and to download the guides and examples. 

When you are ready to take the assessment, use the ECS Remote Invigilation system to do this from your home or office.

Employers, Training Providers and Partner Associations can set this up for you, or if you are not being supported by your employer, a training provider or an association, please call 01322 661633 and the ECS Team can add these assessments to your MyECS online account. 

Pricing for assessments taken directly with ECS can be found here. Prices for training and assessments taken through third parties may differ.