Remote Invigilation Service - What is needed

What is needed for the Remote Invigilation Service

To take an ECS assessment using our remote Invigilation system you will need to be in a room where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the test.

Setup in the room you will need a desk or laptop computer in a place that you will be comfortable to take the test. The best option is to sit at a table or desk while taking the assessment.

If you are using a laptop you will need to make sure that you have sufficient power to complete the assessment. It is highly recommended that your laptop is connected to the mains power supply.

The computer you are using will need a working webcam pointing directly at you so your face in the centre of the screen. You must make sure that you have a plain background behind you. No one can be in the room with you while you take the assessment.

You will also need a working internet connection and an up to date web browser, such as Chrome or Edge, running on the computer you are using.

We recommend that the computer you use is totally standalone without any additional monitors connected to it. If you are unable to disconnect any additional monitors from your computer, you must remember to remain solely in the one browser tab and not stray anywhere else on the computer. If you do not stay in the one browser tab the assessment is available in then the system will fail your assessment automatically.

You must have a valid and in date photo ID with you to take the assessment. Ideally you should use your passport but a UK photo driving licence or existing ECS card will also be accepted. Please make sure you have this with you prior to starting the assessment.

Please Note: It is important that the internet browser being used will allow access to your webcam and will allow redirects for our testing system. Some users may find that their IT department has activated increased security either within the system settings, the virus software or firewall that prevents the ECS assessment working.