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ECS offers greater recognition for professionals and professional memberships

02 November 21

The ECS has announced recognition for a greater number of professional organisations, offering greater flexibility to individuals applying for ECS cards. 

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NET’s FESS Experienced Worker Assessment provides new opportunity for fire industry technicians

07 October 21

National Electrotechnical Training (NET) has announced the launch of the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems (FESS) Experienced Worker Assessment, which provides a new route for fire industry technicians to become accredited to the industry Level 3 standard. The FESS Experienced Worker Assessment is for people who have been working with fire, emergency or security systems for typically a minimum of five years. Successful completion of the Experienced Worker Assessment is recognised by the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) and can be used towards a FESS ECS Gold Card application.

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Upskilling the industry - ECS updates for sector-specific competence

05 October 21

Earlier this year the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) published the Industry Skills Plan for the UK Construction Sector 2021-2025. This was a wide-ranging document covering a number of vital considerations for the future skills of the workforce, including routes into industry, access and opportunities, skills for a modernised industry and the competence of the workforce. 

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FESS Operative card and the FESS Assessments

21 September 21

FESS Operative Card – How do I book a FESS Assessment? 

There are four sector disciplines recognised:
  • Fire 
  • Fire and Emergency Lighting 
  • Security 
  • Fire and Security 
For each of the above routes, a different FESS Assessment is available which can be undertaken in a physical centre, by online assessment remotely at home or in site office (through the Employer Portal or MyECS) and also with some training providers. 

To book an assessment at the JIB offices in Swanley or to set up an online assessment to be taken remotely, please call 01322 661622. 

If you are an Employer and you are already using the Employer Portal, you can activate these FESS Assessments on your account by emailing Please let us know your JIB or Employer Portal number if known, and which assessments are relevant to your workforce.  

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